Saturday, July 9, 2011

one phone call

That's all it takes,one phone call from our local brocante proprietor Eric, Ian i have a problem, well he calls me Jan as for some reason the French have a problem with Ian,
 My van is broken can you help, to do what i ask, i have a clearance job in the south can i lend you van, i said yes but one problem i will have come with you ( he knows me, any chance i get to have first choice of his wares)
 that's the deal i said at least i get first choice of his treasures
  So next morning we are away at 6am  down to the south of France, another Chateau to clear, two days later we are back van bulging at the sides.alas i do not get to keep it all
I have huge lot of Mauviel pans to list now, a superb lot of copperware,we will be listing in a few weeks time,

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